I still try to turn the page


I used to say there was no way I would use an e-reader. I love the feel of a book too much -- the smell, the feel of the pages between my fingers -- those are things that an e-reader can't provide. Then, as I was halfway through a book that just wasn't doing "it" for me -- I longed for a different, new book in front of me. Something captivating, something juicy. But, it was past 9 p.m., and I didn't feel like venturing out to peruse a discount retail store, since book stores would likely be closed before I got to them.

An e-reader would be perfect in times like this.

The thought popped into my head as though it were some sort of e-reading fairy whispering into my ear. I suddenly envied those e-reader owners, those people I labeled as fake book lovers and empty robotic readers. No, they're smart, I thought. And I felt stupid.

I decided I would ask Santa for the gift of electronic reading. And, I felt extremely excited. And a bit like a hypocrite, since I used to blast the idea of owning one, but hey -- things change. I took to Twitter to find out which e-reader I should specifically ask "Santa" to "bring" me.

I drooled over the Google Nexus and all of it's options and fun offerings. I can check my gmail on my e-reader?! Amazing! Then, I looked at the Nook. A Tweeter pointed out that I could walk right into Barnes & Noble when I need customer service. My first thought was, then why wouldn't I just buy a book in that case? No. I wanted a detached-from-people e-reader experience.

So, no Nook.

It was Kindle's turn, and I checked out three of their options -- the original Kindle, the Paperwhite and the Fire. The Fire certainly had a lot to offer, and as I studied its description, I stopped myself dead in my tracks. I mean, really. Whoa. internet, movies, email, blah blah.


I want an e-reader, not an e-everything. I just want books. That's it. No distractions -- just books. Just me and the characters and their stories. I don't want to be tempted to check my email, or look something up on the Internet -- reading a book is what one often does to get away from those things.

Kindle Paperwhite it was (is).

I am obsessed with it. OBSESSED. I'm currently reading Gone Girl after reading many, many tweets and reviews about how great it is. And, I already have a book on deck.

Surprisingly, I don't miss the feel of an actual book. I'm too lost in the story to notice that. I also don't miss turning the pages...because every now and then, I still instinctively reach to the corner of my Kindle and my fingers make the page-turning motion without even thinking about it.

I then giggle...and go back to my fake, robotic e-reading. And I couldn't be happier about it.

Thank you, Santa.