Change is coming


Some people are empowered by change — moving, experiencing new things and places and meeting new people. They feel like they’ve found themselves and can therefore shed their old skin and blossom into the butterfly they feel they were always meant to be.

But — I knew who I was before I did all that movin’ around. Sure, I found out a lot more about myself. Turns out I’m even stronger than I thought. But, I think some people move because they’re not happy. I was already happy. I just wanted to be with the man I love and he had an opportunity so we did it together. Then we did it again. And again. Had a baby. Moved again and then again and now here we are — planting roots and honestly, I’ve never been more excited…

…not even when I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway singing the theme song to Laguna Beach as the Monarch butterflies fluttered around me. They also migrated to SoCal.

All that moving kept me on my toes. If you do the math, I was packing up a home and unpacking a home every single year for 5 years. So, while I had the time for a ton of new experiences, I didn’t have time to really relax and process them. Now, being planted and able to settle in some soil, I’m finding my way back to myself and ready for some change at the same time.

So, I’m vowing to open up and share more of who I am, how I think, what I do, where I go, etc. — because I have the time to. I won’t second-guess myself and wonder what people might think. I’ll take more selfies because if I don’t, how will anyone in the future know what I looked like in 2019? Maybe I’ll even get reallllly crazy and dabble in some video! I might even rename and revamp this little blog, because I’m not sure ‘VandenVogue’ fits me anymore.

Wait. Maybe I did shed some old skin and blossom. I have always loved butterflies, after all. Huh. I just blew my own mind.

Stay tuned.