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We've gotta catch up.

This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of wedded happiness, growing, love - and changes.


Less than a year after moving here to Chicagoland, we're packin' up and truckin' out to the West Coast!

We're like gypsies. Minus the hot mess.

I've always secretly dreamed of being able to ride a bike to the beach, and to breakfast and to get ice cream, as corny as that sounds, and just may come true!

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I look down on women who blog anonymously and I'm not sorry

During the 5+ years I've been a blogger, I have come to realize the most seductive, invoking blog topics are, in no particular order: Pizza, parenting, relationships, pets and music. It's no secret that a blogger knows how to use those topics to boost readership. I once wrote about open relationships and how gross I think they are. It was one of the most - if not the most - read-and-commented-on blog posts I've ever written. And, when I hit the "publish" button, I knew it would be. 

Now, I can't speak for every blogger, but just because a blog topic is known to be a hot one, doesn't mean I've ever changed my views or how I express them. It's always just a nature of the beast for me. And, I have always had my real name and photo out there, proudly taking responsibility and ownership of my posts, opinions, conversations and thoughts - even when I would comment on other blogs. Being anonymous takes a lot of credibility away, in my opinion.

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