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What (I think) your Christmas tree says about you

Today is December 15th. By now, I've seen countless Christmas trees on Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, Instagram, newspaper online galleries, etc. And, instead of just scrolling by without a thought, I've been thinking about what Christmas trees - shape, fullness and ornaments that adorn it - says about the person who owns them.

Let's start with the tree itself. Also, please don't take any of this seriously. Ready? OK.

Round, fat and full. You have a zest for life and a hunger for a challenge. You don't back down when facing adversity, and you possess more than enough energy and positivity to tackle most situations. Others look up to you, and often admire your tenacity when it comes to life in general. You're a riot at a bar, but oddly enough, you're a little lazy in love.

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