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Fifty Shades of Monday

By now, especially if you've checked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media accounts you use, you know that today is Monday and everyone's complaining about it.

So, let's complain, some random things, like strange beach behavior, horrible books and topics that just won't die.

Like being random. Anyway...

I saw a guy bring a hammer to the beach. No lie. He was a father of three, and apparently he needed a hammer to pound on top of his beach umbrella. I've never seen someone have to do that. In fact, while he was hammering away, a woman ran over to him and told him if he just wiggled the umbrella back and forth into the sand, it wouldn't blow away. But, he brushed her off and kept hammering. It was hilarious and sad. And annoying. WHO PACKS A HAMMER IN THEIR BEACH BAG? I mean, think about it. He threw in some towels, a couple books, some sunscreen, maybe a football...and a hammer.

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