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Do people *really* change?

While perusing my social media feeds, I came across this super important and serious article where random sources were talking about what certain celebrities were like 'back in the day' - like, Justin Bieber got picked on for being short, Angelina Jolie was weird, Anne Hathaway was/still is super duper nice, etc. 

And, Taylor Swift was a "huge bitch." Of course, coming across this article was in perfect timing with the whole Kim/Kanye/Taylor song lyric battle. And, regardless of the truth or validity of this statement, it got me thinking if people really do change...and if so, how much, exactly?

I recently read how studies have shown that our personalities stay the same from childhood to adulthood, and the only three aspects that change as we get older are anxiety level, friendliness and desire for new experiences. So, is it possible the School Bitch can become America's Sweetheart? Maybe.

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Here's what...

...I love: These maternity pants. Seriously, they are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned in my ENTIRE LIFE. Besides, they look cute with a boyfriend t-shirt or tank, with a long cardi or denim jacket and sandals for errand-running/shopping/whatever. (SN: The photo shows the bottoms of them to be super long, but they were the perfect length and they also didn't have that whitish trim you may see if you zoom in)

I wonder: Why aren't ALL pants made like maternity pants? They're so comfortable and the way they're designed just makes sense. I went to TJ Maxx the other day and perused the 'normal size' clothes and saw a pair of linen pants with a fold-over waist that made the pants look a LOT like maternity pants except they weren't. So, I bought them anyway, and you know what? Totally comfy. So, goes to show you that you don't have to buy just maternity clothes - you just have to be creative.

I cannot stand: This Taylor Swift/Kanye West crap. Yes, I know there's more important things happening in the world that I can't stand but that's way too deep for me to get into here. But, really - TSwift can he heard clearly giving Kanye free rein after gushing over how much she respects him and how it's all "obviously tongue-in-cheek" so he could use "whatever line he thinks is best." He is literally the LAST person to give that go-ahead to.

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