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Why isn't it just called 'you're an a-hole'?

Per Wikipedia, and in short, reverse racism is defined as "a theorized condition in which discrimination against a dominant racial group in a society has taken place."

Lately, I'm hearing the term 'reverse racism' a lot. Between the ol' Nick Cannon wearing white face story, and most recently - the private school student body President imitating her white male classmates in an Instagram photo. Responses to these stories have been peppered with things like, "reverse racism isn't cool" or "this is reverse racism - just reverse the races in the story and it would be straight-up racist." 

I don't understand "reverse racism." All racism is ugly, isn't it? I mean, who cares what direction hate and discrimination goes? And, how did/do we get this way?

When a 5-year-old on a playground picks on another 5-year-old child, no matter the skin colors involved - they get reprimanded for being mean and misbehaving. They most likely don't get called 'racist.'

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