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Grooming issues

OK, I have a situation and I need your input.

I've been taking Moxie to the same groomer for the last two years. She goes about every 6 weeks, always to the same groomer. Each time I bring her, I naturally expect she'll get what the grooming salon offers: A bath, haircut, ear cleaning and nail trimming. The total always comes out to be $45, and I also tip (rather generously), because Moxie always seems happy, looks pretty and smells good, too. And, because I know she's a wiggler and may require more energy/attention. 

The second-to-last time I picked her up, the groomer said to me, "She actually let me clip her nails this time!"

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Dog friendly

When it came time to start looking for a place to live in California, I started my search with Zillow. I searched Orange County, CA, selected "in-unit laundry" as a must, and clicked the search button.

Results? 504. I settled in my seat and prepared for a lengthy looksie.

Oops. I forgot to also check off "pets allowed" - so I did. (SN: I think Zillow should change that to 'pets welcome')

Results? 190. The number of available properties went significantly down...and the lowest rent cost shot up.

And, it's not just Orange County - I know this. It's everywhere. And, while part of me thinks dogs should be allowed anywhere, because they make most people happy and are just plain awesome - I also know there are exceptions. And, naughty owners. Because, the more I thought about it, I realized it's never the dog's fault. That's like blaming kids for being jerky brats. How'd they get like that? Parents.

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