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Before I get into what I wanna get into, I have to say acronyms on parenting message boards (AKA "comedy hour" because I can't believe the questions people ask on them, and also that they are breeding) get a little hard to figure out. Like, BLW. That means "baby-led weaning."


Anyway, I don't call myself a stay-at-home mom, or SAHM. I actually don't like that term and I think it's because of the stigma around it. Now, I know being a SAHM is the hardest job in the world - but calling myself that makes me feel like I'm trying to actually call it a form of employment or give myself a professional title. I also work from home when I can...which lately has been around 10 pm. So, to me - I'm simply a mother. And yes, I know being a mom is not simple, but you know what I mean.

Being at home everyday has it's isolation. And thus, has led me to realize some FWPs, or first world problems. Like:

Why do people double click their car key fob twice, to make their car horn beep, when they're only parking in their garage or assigned parking space? If you only press it once, you can hear the locks go down. Hitting it twice annoys everyone who lives around you. And, it's a Toyota not a Lamborghini.

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