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What makes you an unfollower?

"Facebook makes me hate people."

I said that the other night, while having a glass of wine with friends. And, I meant 'dislike', because hate is a strong word. Mostly, it's because of the many, many animal abuse stories that makes me think that. But, aside from those types of stories, which I know need to be reported - and I support that - it's the ridiculous whining and complaining and airing of personal problems that really gets my goat. The over-sharing is rampant. 

I use Qwitter, which tells you when someone(s) unfollow you. And, whenever someone unfollows me, I wonder why. I usually chalk it up to not really being relevant to the Capital Region of New York anymore - and maybe the unfollower likes to keep things local. Still, I sometimes wonder, did I say something annoying? Did I overtweet? But, in the end, I don't really care because I have my own reasons for unfollowing/muting/defriending people on social media. 

I will say that I completely respect that people can put whatever they wish on their social media accounts. But, people also have the option to control what they see on theirs. So, here are more of my personal examples of how to get muted:

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We've gotta catch up.

This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of wedded happiness, growing, love - and changes.


Less than a year after moving here to Chicagoland, we're packin' up and truckin' out to the West Coast!

We're like gypsies. Minus the hot mess.

I've always secretly dreamed of being able to ride a bike to the beach, and to breakfast and to get ice cream, as corny as that sounds, and just may come true!

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