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What happened to the stars?

I reached my hand down and pulled up on the lever, feeling the inside of the passenger door slide against my hand as I dropped back. The sunroof was the perfect size to see The Big Dipper. He pointed it out to me like he'd done this before, and/or maybe it was some sort of high school inside joke of his.  But, I didn't care. Those sparkling, twinkling stars were too distracting to care.

The whole world - and now the whole universe - was right there, just for a moment. 

I shuddered as I wondered how big the sky stretched, and how small that made me. Coupled with the dizziness of tilting my head up, and I was giddy with sweet excitement. I remember feeling like I could do anything as long as I felt like that. 

Now, I wonder - what happened? 

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