Instagram this...not that.

I love and hate Instagram. Let me tell you why.instagram

I love Instagram because I like seeing what people are up to, what they're wearing, creating -- and I follow a lot of fashion/jewelry designers to see sparkly things. I also love:

Elf on a Shelf pics. I laugh so hard at these, it's unbelievable. The best I've seen, was an elf roasting a marshmallow over a Yankee Candle. Hilarious. I'm giggling just thinking about it.

Christmas trees and decorations. I can't get enough -- and -- I rate them (in my head).

Birthday celebrations. I love birthdays.

Babies! And other cute kids.

Vacation photos. Who doesn't love seeing people having a good time away from home?

Design photos - like if you have a cool room in your house, you bought some gorgeous pillows, you're going through renovation, etc.

However, I think people get a little crazy when it comes to what they want to share on Instagram. I mean, let's keep in mind that there are certain parts of our lives we just don't need to share. Like how you look in the morning, and your licked-clean dinner plate. Gross. I also hate:

Seeing your significantsleeping other sleeping. That's for your eyes only, you creepy sleep-watcher!

Over-filtering. If you filter your pics to the point where you no longer look human and/or like a cartoon character, that's a problem.

Your cat in the same pose as your last picture. No, I don't see the emotion in his face that you're telling me is there in the caption. Cats are only interesting to other cat owners, sorry.

Engagement photos. However, I do enjoy their oft awkwardness.

Food. As in, your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop it. I already know what a Chobani yogurt container looks like.

The huge gash on your leg that you had to get stitches for. The Lo-Fi filter really brought out the red in your blood. Thanks for that.

Inside joke pics. If I have no idea what you're referencing in the caption and why that picture is supposed to be funny, I don't wanna see it. That's what picture messaging and email is for. No one has ever, nor will they ever, think being on the outside of an inside joke is interesting or cool.

That's all. Merry Christmas! Gimme more Christmas pics.

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