I'm a New York Stater


I get tired of 'The Upstate Letdown" -- as I like to call it. You know what that is...when you tell someone you're from New York and their eyes get all wide and full of admiration and then you add, "...Upstate. Albany, 2 hours north of New York City..." and their faces drop faster than the Times Square Ball on New Years Eve.

When telling people "I'm from New York", I used to think I had to immediately clarify that I didn't meanNew York City. But, I don't anymore. And, if the person doesn't ask "where in New York" instead of assuming I meant NYC,  it comes out later in the conversation that I'm from Upstate and not the Big Apple -- and when the person stares at me like why didn't you saaaaay that? -- I just stare blankly back like, get a maaaaaaap.

Exhale. ANYWAY.


Despite not growing up or living "downstate" -- I'm a New Yorker. I say it matter-of-factly...because it is. I think anyone born and raised anywhere in this state is more of a New Yorker than someone who moved from another state to NYC in search of a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle -- living in a teeny-tiny apartment where they pay $1800 a month in rent and eat Thai takeout on nights they're not "working" from their Mac at Starbucks.

And, look -- I think NYC is cool. I mean, I've personally never had a desire to live there, but -- to me, it's fun to visit. I just think we Upstaters should take back what's rightfully ours -- our state.

Take that, Carrie Bradshaw.

Now excuse me while I go live amongst Illinoisers. Illinoiseans? Illinois people.