I love commercials. Whatever.

"Noooo, turn it back!"

"But, it's a commercial...I'll come back to it, don't worry."

"I like commercials."


Silence. And a lot of blinking.

I'm sorry, but there are some commercials I just cannot look away from. The little girl on the AT&T commercial who says raisins turn into grapes? You're kidding me, right? How could anyone see that commercial come on and change the channel?!

Aside from commercials I love (I'll list some more below), I also think commercials can keep you updated on a lot of things -- new products of any kind, new shows to watch, sales, vacation specials, new movies coming out, etc. etc. I'm actually getting excited while typing this.

I know what you're thinking. Interruptions are annoying. And, I agree to a certain extent. Pop-up ads on websites are annoying. The 10-second ads before YouTube videos are annoying. Radio commercials are annoying. But, TV commercials are expected. And, they're a great time to go to the bathroom, get a drink, get food, etc. -- and you have a time limit to do all of these things, so you're not dilly-dallying.

Ugh. I am the nerd to end all nerds.

I don't care. Let's talk about some commercials I currently love:


Sprint's James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell's (I don't know who that is, but I found out his name when I Googled) Facebook commercials.

The two Sonic guys. Every.single.time.

The Swiffer old couple. "Morty, are you listening?!" "Be careful, babe." LOVE IT. And, the one where they dance in the kitchen? Come on.

The GEICO Mutombo commercial. I didn't know who Mutombo was before this commerical but that doesn't matter. "Not tooooooday, HA HA HA."I also love the two guys who narrate and strum a guitar and banjo. They remind me of the Barenaked Ladies.

I can't stand: The Wendy's "Now that's better" girl, The Kmart commercial where the grandma dances with her walker over and over again, the GEICO hump day camel (overplayed on social media and in real life), and the Kindle 'mayday' girl Amy with the space-agey air.

And, every commercial where someone gets a Lexus for Christmas. Barf.

I will leave you with this classic Folger's commercial, centered around a "brother and sister" -- suuuuuuure. I mean, I shudder every time.