You look so cool with that e-cig

Sigh. Whenever I think of electronic cigarettes and/or see a commercial touting how 'cool' they are, and how smoking one in a public place is 'taking back your freedom', I sigh...heavily.

First of all, nothing is cool about Stephen Dorff. So, put him on a beach, smoking an e-cig and he becomes so negative cool degrees, he's at polar vortex level. (SN: why does he talk like that in the beginning, all bobble-heady?!) Secondly, what is he talking about HERE - smoking is a 'freedom' and insinuating it's not only OK to smoke an e-cig in a public place, but that someone should do it...because it's America, after all?

I'm sorry, but blowing smoke, of any kind, in a public place is absolutely not a right. Nor should it define who a person is. Weird.



My personal experience with e-cigs is as follows. On two separate occasions, I watched two separate people dealing with someone in customer service, in person - and in a public place. They both proceeded to puff on their e-cig, and not really pay attention to the person who was trying to help them. One of those e-smokers, at the DMV of all public places, actually blew the vapor directly into the DMV employee's face. DIRECTLY INTO THEIR FACE.

I almost lost it, and I have no idea how the person helping this socially inept/ignorant e-smoker did not lose their sh*t.


These e-cigs only perpetuate the "smoking is cool, seeeee?!" mentality that is a very big cause of why people start smoking real cigarettes in the first place. I've never been a smoker, but I'm sorry...smoking isn't a disability. It's an addiction. And, I get once someone has kicked the nicotine addiction, they still have that lingering need to have something in their hand, and in their mouth.


People who have/had drinking problems, and who, let's say, have the need to have a drink in their hand cannot just walk around in public with a non-alcoholic beverage in a faux beer bottle whenever they please. At least, not without trouble/questioning.

Also, I'm not sure how e-cigs are helping smokers quit. They're only helping them look like bigger losers. Harsh? Sorry.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go find a martini glass to fill with water and olives, or maybe cranberry I can go to the grocery store. To feel like myself.