Quickie: Bad weather brings out the duh

Here's a quick list of things people do at the very first sight of bad weather, that really annoy me. Feel free to comment with your own. Misery loves company!


"Cold enough for ya?!" SLAP.

"It's not really that bad outside..." Oohhhh, look at yoooou, Mr./Ms. Tough Guy/Gal. No one even asked you.

Not dress appropriately. When I see people walking around without gloves/hats/scarves/long pants on, I start shivering just looking at them. 

Not move their cars so plows can remove the snow around them...and then bitch about the "crappy job" the plows did. I guess they missed the memo that plow drivers won't be going door-to-door this year to politely ask if you have the time to move your car, so they can do their job.

Act like it's the first time they've experienced a snow storm. I mean, unless you live in Florida, Mexico, California, Arizona, etc. - you should not be shocked if you see snow coming down. Ugh, and when people have nothing else to talk about except the weather outside? Annoying...AKA "Cold enough for ya?!"

Act like it's the first time you have experienced a snow storm. My super annoyingly loud neighbor bellows to me each and every morning I happen to be outside walking Moxie at the same time she's walking her dogs. I'm not a morning person, so her loudness irritates me beyond belief. But, the first significant amount of snow we got, she acted like we had moved to Chicago from another planet instead of Upstate NY - and yelled to me, in the same tone one would use with a 5-year-old, "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?! SNOWWWW!!!" SLAP.

Update their Facebook status with a photo of what their snowy view is, outside of their office or living room window, with the obvious caption of "The view outside of my office/living room." Soooo interesting. Thanks for sharing. Is that a tree? Wow. What an eye you have. You should consider a career in photography. /sarcasm.

Hope you have a cup of hot something, wherever you are in this polar vortex.