Don't touch me!

I enjoy personal space. I'm also a hugger. Figure that one out. I'll help you...

...I'm selective.

personal space.gif

I cannot stand when people I'm not on physical contact terms with, catch me by surprise and touch me - whether it's a hand on my shoulder or a poke in the ribs - especially when it's in a situation/environment where I would least expect the contact to actually happen. I detest it so much, that I often instinctively twitch/jump when it happens. Like a reflex.

I don't mean to be rude with my reaction, and I'm not a cold person in the least.  I guess I just prefer to keep my physical interactions limited to people on my 'list.'

Recently, there was one unwanted touch that drove me crazy. Like, it reached a whole new level for me.

While looking at bridal shoes, the sales person helping me was asking me all sorts of questions about our wedding, and I was indulging him because...well, I'm overjoyed and excited. I held a shoe in my hand, and was just about to ask him for my size, when he surprised me by grabbing my other hand - politely, to his credit - and touched my ring with his thumb, and then moved my ring it back and forth while looking at it, and complimenting it.

I did jump a bit - but he didn't seem to notice - or care - because he didn't stop. My blood was boiling. I wanted to scream, "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY RING - YOU ARE SMUDGING IT WITH YOUR FINGER OILS AND SERIOUSLY?! GET SOME LOTION ON THOSE CRACKED KNUCKLES!"


But, I didn't.

I just slowly took my hand back after a few seconds, browsed some more and didn't buy any shoes. I started to make my way out of the store, and thought about why this particular interaction drove me crazier than normal. And, I came to the conclusion that I view my ring as a sacred symbol and not everyone has the right to put their grubby paws all over it. Also, I don't even fondle my diamond - so no one else can, either. 

Maybe I'm sounding a bit dramatic, here. But, I don't care. 

I held the door for a pregnant woman on my way out of the store, and thought of how I'm going to be a straight-up animal when the time comes for me, and someone on my 'no contact' list reaches for my baby belly.

Fingers will go missing.