Throwback Thursday (and the most awkward photo ever

Slowly, but It's happened pretty slowly, but...I'm here. I've come to appreciate Throwback Thursdays - better known as #TBT, or #throwbackthursday - on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


At first, I was like oooooh, lame. But, one day I was feeling incredibly nostalgic (I 'blame' our approaching wedding) and it happened to be a Thursday, so I'm sitting there, checking my newsfeeds and getting all into people's photos from their awkward days, their younger days, their carefree days, their wild days, their touching/hilarious/memorable moments with loved ones lost, their silly photos from last week, even.

And, I realized: Those photos are like light, foamy, salt-water-scented lifesavers in a sea of putrid, overwhelming garbage.

But, this one? Well this one is a perfect example of "those awkward years" - and also the age where dance recitals stop being cute - and start getting uncomfortable. 


Don't worry, Awkward gets better. And, at least you didn't peak at 14.