Do, re, me, me, me

me me me.jpg

The art of conversation is just art. There's a balance between two or more people, and it's supposed to flow like a wave - or a song - throughout those people involved - with equal participation.

There are few things worse than someone who brings everything back to them. You mention something you're doing, someplace you're going - and they've been there, done that...and then some. They probably weren't even really listening to you - just simply waiting for you to stop talking so they can start.

I think the worse part of dealing with someone like this, is that you really can't say anything to them when they do it. I mean, you can't just be like, "Hey. I was talking about me..." because then you're kind of a hypocrite, no? So, you have to just smile and nod, ignore them and deal with their asinine social behavior. It's really one of life's great injustices, if you ask me.



I guess my point is that time goes by super fast. We get caught up in text messages, emails, deadlines, crazy-full work schedules and I-need-it-five-minutes-ago attitudes. So, when you're in a conversation with a friend, a family member, a colleague or even a stranger...really just listen and bounce the banter back and forth. Listen, involve yourself, understand where they're coming from, be truly interested and offer advice, your opinion, share an experience, and then listen again. Ask questions, and for crying out loud - don't start talking each time the other person takes a breath. Just relax and enjoy that someone cares enough to talk to you at all.


I'm sorry. What were you saying?