Whiny Wednesday

I know it's Tuesday, yes. Moving on...

Hella charm bracelets. They're soooo loud and jingle-jangly. I walked into an office and saw the front desk person's arm decked out in Alex and Ani charm bracelets. Cute arm party, I thought. That's what it's called, by the way, when someone is wearing a bunch of bracelets. Anyway, their office phone rang, and she lifted her bangled arm to answer it, and JINGLE JINGLE happened. And, then she rested the phone on her shoulder so both her hands were free to use the computer, and JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE happened more, and her bracelets slapped against the desk over and over again. How is that not annoying to her? And to her coworkers? The poor gals. Wah.

Twitter parties. Basically, these are 'parties' where the participants use a specified hashtag, in order for other participants to know they're involved in the party. For example, on my newsfeed, I generally see fitness-related Twitter parties, and I'll know a party is happening when I see someone constantly tweeting things like, "I like to run in the morning to get my blood flowing! #fitandfab" I found myself involved in my first ever Twitter party recently, and it was because a local supermarket (Mariano's) was giving away $100 gift cards. I wanted one - because that place is my happy place. I participated, used the designated hashtags, most likely annoyed everyone who follows me on Twitter because I was bombarding their newsfeed with crap, got party participants to like me/follow me - and I won tickets to a flower and garden show, instead. #twitterpartyfail #wah

Gigantic carry-ons. Remember the days when a carry-on item was like, a tote bag? Nowadays, it seems people are allowed to bring a full-size suitcase on the plane and bogart the entire overhead compartment. AND - when the airline gate employees come over the loud speaker and ask for volunteers to check their carry-ons because the plane is overcrowded (I'm lookin' at you, United), they're the last ones to volunteer. I mean, really. Unless you're transporting the royal jewels, you'd best check that sh*t, ya heard? Wah.

Inconsistent e-communication behavior. I emailed a wedding vendor, and heard back right away. !!!! That was awesome. Then, I emailed them back right away with the info they requested, and...silence. For like, a day. What's up with that? It's like when you text someone if they're available to chat, and they're like "Yes I am" so you call, and it takes them 5 rings to answer the phone. Wah.

Waiting on being waited on. There's this little place we like to go to for food and drinks. It's super casual, and all of the servers/bartenders are in their 50s and have names like Didi, Fran and June. We'll sit at the bar, order some fried pickles, a turkey club and a couple cocktails. Only thing is, because they keep a pretty steady flow of business, it sometimes takes for-ev-er for someone to notice you've just sat down at the bar and would like a drink. But, even when they notice you, that doesn't stop Didi and Fran from chatting up their regulars and asking about recent surgeries, grandkid graduations, etc. first. I waited 10 minutes for Didi to come over because she had to find out how some guy named Bob was doing after his tonsillectomy. No kidding. Wah.

And my wine was stale.

So's my whine. I'm out.