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A stinkin' marriage license

We went to get our marriage license yesterday. I had planned on us going to Albany City Hall for it, but with us both being from Rensselaer County and with Rensselaer City Hall so much closer/easier to park - we chose to go there right when they opened, at 8:30 a.m.

I always see photos of couples getting their marriage licenses - all pose-y and happy and wearing cute outfits. There's photos of couples holding the pens and signing, smiling - and sharing a kiss while holding up the license. So cute! I always think, but I knew that just isn't something we'd do.


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(Wedding) Flowers and food

On the plane, to Aruba, a husband and wife sat next to me, and the wife commented on us being the last row in the plane and how nervous she is about flying. I smiled and asked the obligatory "where are you two from?" questions. We got to chatting about weddings.

"Congratulations! My daughter's getting married in October. She's having silk flowers."

Me: "Oh?!"

"Yes, I heard they're lovely and all the rage now. Because flowers are really expensive. Are you having real flowers?"

Me: "Yes, yes...I love flowers too much to not have real flowers." 

She then gave me the saddest look, and told me she wishes her daughter didn't go with "fake flowers", because she thinks flowers are one of the most important details of the day. I agreed with her, and said, "Flowers and food. Those are my top two things." 

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Whiny Wednesday

I know it's Tuesday, yes. Moving on...

Hella charm bracelets. They're soooo loud and jingle-jangly. I walked into an office and saw the front desk person's arm decked out in Alex and Ani charm bracelets. Cute arm party, I thought. That's what it's called, by the way, when someone is wearing a bunch of bracelets. Anyway, their office phone rang, and she lifted her bangled arm to answer it, and JINGLE JINGLE happened. And, then she rested the phone on her shoulder so both her hands were free to use the computer, and JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE happened more, and her bracelets slapped against the desk over and over again. How is that not annoying to her? And to her coworkers? The poor gals. Wah.

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