A stinkin' marriage license

We went to get our marriage license yesterday. I had planned on us going to Albany City Hall for it, but with us both being from Rensselaer County and with Rensselaer City Hall so much closer/easier to park - we chose to go there right when they opened, at 8:30 a.m.

I always see photos of couples getting their marriage licenses - all pose-y and happy and wearing cute outfits. There's photos of couples holding the pens and signing, smiling - and sharing a kiss while holding up the license. So cute! I always think, but I thought that just isn't something we'd do.


I rolled out of bed, threw on a pair of skinny jeans, a black v-neck sweater, flats and opted for the 'tousled hair' look. I wanted to be somewhat presentable, so it appeared there was at least a slightly obvious reason why someone would be marrying me.

We got there 10 minutes early, so we sat in the parking lot and chatted happily about our wedding and how much we needed coffee. I started thinking, maybe I WOULD like a cute lil' photo after we get our license. Maybe they even have a place where couples stand/sit so they have a nice backdrop. It could be really cute. And, my hair doesn't look bad, really. Let's do it!

Walking into Rensselaer City Hall, we were directed to the Clerk's Office. We opened the door and stepped inside. A woman greeted us and asked us how she could help us.

"We are here to get our marriage license!" I shocked myself with the amount of enthusiasm and perkiness I had for 8:30 a.m.

She nodded silently and poked her head into an office. "Marriage License", she announced to someone unseen, in a sort of questioning tone. "She'll be right with you", she assured us. Then, she walked around the corner, to the desk at the window we were standing in front of, and said, while looking at the floor, "Oh yeah...a dead mouse. Sandy...definitely. You were right. It's a dead mouse we smell."

Oh, Rensselaer. Whyyyyyyyyy. Why would you say that out loud?! Furthermore, why would you say that out loud to TWO PEOPLE HERE TO GET THEIR MARRIAGE LICENSE?!

I decided right then and there, that there would be no photo taken that day.

It was certainly memorable enough.

RIP, Fievel.