You know what irks me?

When people I'm meeting for the first time go in for a hug and a kiss. I know it's like, super European to basically molest someone every time you see them, but I'm sorry...I just think it's respectful to not plant your sloppy kisses on a stranger's cheek. There has to be some sort of cordial first introduction, and then you work up to the hug and (air, preferably) kiss. If you're making out with someone's cheek the first time you meet them...where do you go from there?! I shudder to think.

When anyone under the age of 75 says, "I don't have an email address." It's 2014, people.

When people throw their cigarette butts on other people's lawns. #rage My neck is hot just thinking about this.

How it seems the more famous someone gets, the bigger their boobs and lips get. Real Housewives of everywhere, country music wives (Luke Bryan's wife, I'm talkin' to you), and even the girl (Brandi, I think) on the show Storage Wars. Her chest grew with each season, it seemed. Maybe she found some old implants in a storage locker, or something. 

When walking Moxie, and another dog owner comes toward us, and the two dogs politely go nose-to-nose and the other owner is all, "OK, LETS GO." to their dog, and doesn't at least acknowledge my presence. I mean, I don't want to stand there all day, either, but do they have to voice your eagerness? I just smile, wave and say, "have a nice day" to the PERSON. 

When I ask someone a question and someone else answers it...only to be completely wrong. Butt out! If I wanted to know what you thought, I'd have asked you. But now you know why I didn't, Mr/Mrs. Wrongallthetime.

When people on those 'survival' shows kill animals and eat them. The animals are there because they're actually trying to survive actual life. You have a camera crew with you - and you're doing this for fun/bragging rights. Ridiculous.

The fact that today is not Friday.

So, in conclusion, it seems people in general, TV and the fact that today is not Friday really irks me.

Cheers! *air kiss*