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Grooming issues

OK, I have a situation and I need your input.

I've been taking Moxie to the same groomer for the last two years. She goes about every 6 weeks, always to the same groomer. Each time I bring her, I naturally expect she'll get what the grooming salon offers: A bath, haircut, ear cleaning and nail trimming. The total always comes out to be $45, and I also tip (rather generously), because Moxie always seems happy, looks pretty and smells good, too. And, because I know she's a wiggler and may require more energy/attention. 

The second-to-last time I picked her up, the groomer said to me, "She actually let me clip her nails this time!"

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Somebody get this guy a muzzle

The other night, I took Moxie out for her final business before bed - which is usually a quick trip in and out, with me in my jammies and also ready for bed. What I'm trying to say is...quick + pajamas = I don't wanna see/talk to anybody. 

As she finished, we began our (very short) walk back inside - and I saw a guy walking his three (one large, two medium-size) dogs. Of course, once the dogs spotted Moxie, they began barking and knocking into each other like idiots. 

"I'm sorry" the guy says while laughing nervously.

"Oh, it's okay - no prob" I reply and smile. And, I mean it. I know there's nothing like your dog(s) embarrassing you and making you look like an incompetent owner. Besides, I totally get the gang mentality of dogs, especially when it's against Moxie. She never falls prey to their crap - never barks back or appears threatened/scared. Instead, she prances by with her quiet little confident nose forward. So, I follow her lead.

As we kept walking back to our house, I noticed one of his medium-sized dogs was planted firm, staring us down and barking hysterically, even as the guy tried to walk the other way. 

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You know what irks me?

When people I'm meeting for the first time go in for a hug and a kiss. I know it's like, super European to basically molest someone every time you see them, but I'm sorry...I just think it's respectful to not plant your sloppy kisses on a stranger's cheek. There has to be some sort of cordial first introduction, and then you work up to the hug and (air, preferably) kiss. If you're making out with someone's cheek the first time you meet them...where do you go from there?! I shudder to think.

When anyone under the age of 75 says, "I don't have an email address." It's 2014, people.

When people throw their cigarette butts on other people's lawns. #rage My neck is hot just thinking about this.

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Random crap

It's Friday, and I don't think I'm alone when I say, Haaaaalllelujah. Let's be random!

Friday is a good day for pizza. I finally found a pizza place 'round these here Chicago parts who doesn't do a doughy pizza. It was a laborious search, but a fruitful one. And a cheesy one.

Why are there so many TV shows about Bigfoot? IT IS NOT REAL. On one show, they have town hall meetings about Bigfoot sightings, and people who look like they regularly wake up with an empty whiskey bottle in their hand are all, "I seen it! I really did!" Hilarious. Remember Harry and the Hendersons? I loved that movie.

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