Random crap

It's Friday, and I don't think I'm alone when I say, Haaaaalllelujah. Let's be random!


Friday is a good day for pizza. I finally found a pizza place 'round these here Chicago parts who doesn't do a doughy pizza. It was a laborious search, but a fruitful one. And a cheesy one.

Why are there so many TV shows about Bigfoot? IT IS NOT REAL. On one show, they have town hall meetings about Bigfoot sightings, and people who look like they regularly wake up with an empty whiskey bottle in their hand are all, "I seen it! I really did!" Hilarious. Remember Harry and the Hendersons? I loved that movie.

I am still so incredibly perplexed as to why Jennifer Lopez is a judge on American Idol. I wasn't aware she could actually sing. Her laugh is pretty melodic, however. Maybe that's why.

Did you see this extremely scientific research on the "best" husband and wife names? Apparently, Katie and David are the #1 spouse names. I don't really know what the criteria was, as far as for what makes someone the "best" spouse, but based on this list of names...best = vanilla.


I'm ready for spring.

Planks are awful. I fully believe they were invented as a method of punishment for traitors. I'm currently on day 7 of the 30-day plank challenge. I cried on day 5. I would tell you anything you want to know. Secret codes, where the bodies are buried...EVERYTHING

After May 3, or before, I will need to change the name of this lil' blog, as my last name won't be Talar anymore. I have some ideas in mind, but it's really hard coming up with a title for what this web space really is. I mean, I don't have a niche, really - I don't blog about just one thing. Suggestions are welcome!

Party City smells like Halloween all.the.time. I hate it there. I think my worst nightmare would be that I am forced to work there. I feel sick just thinking about what that would be like.


It seems like as soon as one holiday is over, we're all hyped up about the next one, and we see ads everywhere about it, and what we should buy for it. Valentine's Day is next, y'all. Get your chocolate romance on. Or, you know, an iPhone, per Verizon.

I'm so over dog owners not picking up after their dogs. Just because there is snow on the ground, doesn't mean you can just leave huge (or small) piles of crap everywhere for all of us to look at while on a walk. It's actually easier to pick up dog poo when it's on cold snow, as opposed to hot grass, so there's no excuse. 

S'all for now. It's a champagne kind of night. I'll toast to you. I just have to get some flutes from Party City first.