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Pizza panic

My husband brought in the pizza box, and set it on the counter. I opened it, and felt that familiar feeling that I've felt since as far back as I can remember - a feeling of sheer panic...and gluttony.

My subconscious said, "I want all the pizza."

But, while it may be possible I could house a whole pizza, I know that isn't rational, since we ordered the pizza to share, and we rarely eat all of it. Still - I feel excitement bubble in my belly. It's not overwhelming, but it's noticeable. 

And, it only happens with pizza. No, wait. That's not true. It sort of happens with French fries, also. Sigh. I always have this horrible urge to sneak-eat a few of the other person's fries right out of the bag, and then eat my own, too. What do you think that says about me? What do you think it says about me that 9 times out of 10 I act upon it? I'm sorry, honey. And mom.

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On the road: The good and bad

The road trip from Chicago to California was such a great, great experience. Despite the leg cramps and dry, itchy eyes from the constant A/C - it was the most perfect way to see the U.S.

Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska: Flat and pretty. I mean, some of the drive was boring - but some parts were just beautiful. Farms, barns and lots of green grass. It was, in a word...'Merica. We stayed in a hotel in Lincoln - and it was probably the worst experience ever, due to dirty/stained sheets and switching rooms, BUT - we found this awesome pizza/beer place downtown, called Yia Yia's and I have no idea how to pronounce that.

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During a conversation with a former coworker, she was complaining about her dry skin. We talked about lotion, and somehow I offered the information that I lotion up after every shower, to put moisture back in my skin.

She seemed surprised by this, like she had never heard of doing that before/it was a weird thing to do. In turn, I was surprised by her surprise. Because, I thought everyone did this.

And, it got me thinking. What else am I doing, that possibly isn't the norm? I wanna know.

Do you:

Use body lotion after every shower? 

Floss after eating, religiously?

Wear rubber gloves while cleaning bathrooms/doing dishes?

Always keep an umbrella in your car?

Shave/wax the tops of your toes?

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Random crap

It's Friday, and I don't think I'm alone when I say, Haaaaalllelujah. Let's be random!

Friday is a good day for pizza. I finally found a pizza place 'round these here Chicago parts who doesn't do a doughy pizza. It was a laborious search, but a fruitful one. And a cheesy one.

Why are there so many TV shows about Bigfoot? IT IS NOT REAL. On one show, they have town hall meetings about Bigfoot sightings, and people who look like they regularly wake up with an empty whiskey bottle in their hand are all, "I seen it! I really did!" Hilarious. Remember Harry and the Hendersons? I loved that movie.

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