Wait...you DON'T?!

During a conversation with a former coworker, she was complaining about her dry skin. We talked about lotion, and somehow I offered the information that I lotion up after every shower, to put moisture back in my skin.

She seemed surprised by this, like she had never heard of doing that before/it was a weird thing to do. In turn, I was surprised by her surprise. Because, I thought everyone did this.

And, it got me thinking. What else am I doing, that possibly isn't the norm? I wanna know.

Do you:

Use body lotion after every shower? 

Floss after eating, religiously?

Wear rubber gloves while cleaning bathrooms/doing dishes?

Always keep an umbrella in your car?

Shave/wax the tops of your toes?

Paint your own nails, only to smudge them 4 minutes later?

Then, when you finally have your nails are perfectly polished...you have to take it off 1-2 days later because despite the top coat, it's already chipping, or you have waffle-patterned sheet marks on them?

Play video games?

Have gray hairs? :(

Eat more than two slices of pizza in one sitting?

Feel inner rage when someone doesn't use their directional?

Walk in to a post office to mail a package, and feel utter confusion for a full two minutes? Express Mail vs. Priority Express vs. Flat Rate - and envelope, padded envelope...or box? Ahhhh...help.

Screen a good portion of your phone calls? And then reply to the caller with a text?

Dance in your living room/kitchen while cleaning/cooking...

...or just because?