Book suggestions?

Confession: I used to play Candy Crush before drifting off to sleep. But, I'm sick of that (due to a ridiculously impossible level I just cannot get beyond). So, now I'm back to reading.

I have a Kindle, so I have an endless library available to me. Problem is, it's so overwhelming! And, you know those little book suggestion features in magazines? I always see them, and think, that looks gooooood, I'll have to remember that one...and then I completely forget when it comes time to type in the search bar.

And, it's nice that you can sample book on a Kindle, so there's no commitment. However, I've been sampling some crappy books, and I haven't yet found one I want to continue reading!

So, I need your help.

I like mostly everything - mysteries, fiction, non-fiction, romance, chick-lit, thrillers - basically anything but historical non-fiction. I mean, I'm looking to read before going to sleep, not reading to go to sleep. OK? Ok.