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POLL: Who was wrong?

My friends, Beth and Peter, are divorced and have two children. Their divorce was amicable, and they reached many agreements outside of court. Peter has moved on to a new, serious relationship with Amy while Beth is currently single. So, navigating this change has been a bit interesting, but they’re handling it swimmingly.

Especially since Peter and Amy recently moved in together.

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Don't lie to me

It really shouldn't be called The Voice when 98% of the season is about changing the contestant's appearance in order to make them more marketable in the music industry. I missed a couple episodes this season and when I turned it on again, I had no idea who 4 of them were anymore. It should be called The Voice For Five Minutes and Then Can We Market Them Because That's More Important (and why today's music sucks so bad). That was actually the working title.

Don't tell me you never argue with your spouse. Like, never? Stop. Are you alive?

Sometimes, you crave McDonald's fries and maybe even a milkshake to dip them in. STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD YES YOU DO.

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Marriage in a year

"We've been married 55 years this June", she said to me, and she lovingly patted her smiling husband's shoulder as they took their seats in the waiting room. I had struck up a conversation with them in the elevator, and learned they moved to California from Nebraska, where they met in grade school. She - a farmer's daughter, and he - a teacher's son, got married at the age of 19 and traveled the country while he sold insurance and she wrote books.


We continued our conversation about love and marriage and writing until their name was called by the nurse at the door.

"Just remember to put each other first, always", the husband said, as he nodded and ushered his wife through the maze of chairs. 

After we bid farewell, and they disappeared hand-in-hand behind the walls dividing us, I pulled out my calculator app and did the math. When I have been married for 55 years, I will (hopefully) be 87 years old. And, I wonder what kind of conversations I will be having with a woman in a waiting room, who is about to celebrate 12 whole months of marriage.

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