Craigslist and garage sales

Did ALL of this.

Did ALL of this.

Due to the big move out west - we've downsized, and decided to sell a lot of our furniture. So, I posted a few well-thought-out posts on Craigslist. I included the dimensions of the furniture, a description (including designer/brand names when I could locate them) of all items, what condition they're in, that they all come from a non-smoking home, and with our guest bed - how much it was actually used. I also put that we were motivated to sell due to moving, so please feel free to make a fair offer.

I kept the posts short and sweet - yet very informative. I posted lovely photos and sent them off into the Craigslist community, thinking I'd already done 100% of the work on my end - now someone just had to simply buy/make an offer.

I was wrong. SO WRONG.

I got sooo many emails asking for the dimensions of the items, the color, how much it was used, if it came from a non-smoking household - basically any and everything that was already in the post...they just didn't actually read it. And, the worst part of these clueless emails was that I couldn't respond with what I really wanted to respond with (sass). Instead - I had to be nice because I wanted them to buy my stuff. However, the last dumb email inquiry received just a copy/paste of the CL post as a response.

So, after 2+ weeks and only selling a coffee table and two end tables - I've decided we need a garage sale.


I love garage sales. I love going to them more than having them, but still. I enjoy the labeling of things part, the making change part, the part where you get to watch people look at your unwanted belongings and gauge if whether they're seeing something they like or not - and especially the making money off things you don't want anymore - and donating the rest part.

So, this weekend - the weekend of July 4th - is garage sale time! And then - I will completely understand and welcome being asked a bunch of questions.

Now, excuse me while I go buy red, white and blue price tags.