Random Oscar thoughts, in real time

I'll update this as the show goes on, btw. But, let me say this... 

Ryan Gosling is hot hot hot...but he really has zero personality, doesn't he?

Chris Rock's monologue is definitely hilarious, and on-point - but did we expect anything less?

Everyone is talking about Leonardo DiCaprio possibly finally winning this year. I hope he does, so everyone STOPS TALKING ABOUT IT. And, because he deserves it. I guess. I didn't see The Revenant.

Cate Blanchett is constantly flawless. THAT COLOR. Am I right? When the camera pans out over the audience, literally all you see is Cate Blanchett! Genius.

Charlize Theron is so gorgeous and statuesque, I think most women hate standing next to her.

I still need to see Joy, because I own and LOVE Huggable Hangers.

This may not be popular opinion, but Sam Smith's voice is very annoying to me. 

I think we all knew Alicia Vikander was going to win Best Supporting Actress. Did you see The Danish Girl? Her dress is also gorgeous - I have a special affinity for yellow.

I'm really enjoying the little pop-up factoids, and the 'thank you's' scrolling at the bottom of the screen with each winner. Very reminiscent of Pop-Up Video.

I agree with these wins for Mad Max: Fury Road. That movie was incredible...and incredibly uncomfortable at times. But - the makeup was outstanding. And, again, Charlize was badass and gorgeous.

Jared Leto always, ALWAYS looks dirty. No matter what. Is that his appeal? 

Rachel McAdams will always be Allie to me (from The Notebook). However, she is just gorgeous, and deserves all the recognition she receives as an actress.

And the winner is...Mad Max, for everything. 

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The Weeknd fills my D'Angelo void. I like him a lot.

Someone said "Chris Rock for President" and I totally agree, because he started off strong with a great message, but now I'm losing faith.

I've been saying Ex Machina wrong this whole time. 

It stinks Sylvester Stallone didn't win, because that means we'll get yet another predictable boxing movie.

It wouldn't be a television show without Dave Grohl inserting himself somehow, flipping his hair around and chewing gum. I'll bet you he does one, if not both. *Update* OK, so he did neither. I lose. THIS time.

I'm still very confused as to why there was a Girl Scout cookie sale at the Oscars.

Gaga reigns supremely powerful in sending a message the way only she can. 

Wow. It's 11:36pm on the East Coast. I'm ready for ice cream, and you guys are going to bed! If you're not already in bed, that is, because this Oscars show is zzzzzzz all of a sudden.

Brie Larson is a delight. I believe she was the only winner (so far) who actually thanked movie goers. I could be wrong, but if I am - her thank you seemed very genuine and humble. I need to see Room, still.

AND...LEO. Finally. He is such a well-spoken, classy guy. Humble and intelligent.

And, for best picture? I'm calling...The Revenant. Because Leo. HOLY UPSET. Spotlight, it is.

 That's a wrap. I wish the show could've ended on a classy note, but Chris Rock ruined it by mindlessly yelling "black lives matter!" into the microphone and then going back to hugging all of the winners.