We're not having a girl!

Everyone, literally everyone, would look at me and say, "You're having a girl. I know it." 

I'm talking former coworkers, family members, friends - even a random woman in the checkout lane at Target. It was the first time I felt like I was finally showing, if even a little bit and I did wear a snug tank under my cardigan. And, someone noticed. And, after asking if I knew what I was having yet, she said, "Girl. Definitely girl." 

So, I started taking part in every old wives tale I could find. I dangled a ring on a string over my belly, and it swang back and forth - indicating a girl. The Chinese calendar predicted girl. The nub theory was indicative of girl, and I felt like I was carrying somewhat high - even if it was too soon to really tell. And, I'd see little boys everywhere I went - at grocery stores, in doctor's offices, at the post office - and I was told that you're having the opposite sex of what you see around you. Weird, I know. But, I'm telling you...all signs pointed to girl. 

Except one. 

The factual one. You know, the ultrasound and the doctor being like, "There it is. It's a boy!"

And, beyond that, I knew deep down it was a boy...even if I told everyone I thought it was a girl, too. I guess I'm just a people-pleaser. I can't explain it, and it's not like I cared either way. But, I started thinking what life would be like with a little girl...and I couldn't really picture it. But, then I'd think of us with a little boy, and it was like, THERE IT IS.

And now, it's all I think about! I LOVE saying "my son" and "our son" and "he" and reading about baby boy names and looking in the baby boy's section in stores. I even look in the rearview mirror and imagine a baby boy in the backseat. And, I feel even more connected to my growing belly. This whole experience so far, is just something I never could have prepared for, and the love I feel is something I just want to scream from the California hills. 

So, I am. 

I'm going to have a son!