The name game

I was reminded of this blog post I wrote 6 years ago, about baby names, and how I had a name already picked out for a baby girl.

Hilarious. In all actuality, that particular name remained "my name" until this past year or so, because it got to be so popular, it almost reached Jennifer, Jessica and Michael status. OK fine, I'll tell you. Olivia.

When I found out I was pregnant, I bought a baby name book (the one pictured here - I highly recommend it) and literally chose our son's name while still in Barnes and Noble, before even paying for the book. But, I still wanted to 'shop around' to be sure.

My criteria for choosing a name for our son (by the way, my husband definitely had opinions that I cared about because I want him to love it, too - but ultimately - he felt that since I'm doing most of the 'work', and that he trusts my taste/style, the decision would be mine. Isn't he awesome?) was as follows:

1. I didn't want our son to be one of 10 kids with the same name in school.
2. Something that is on the shorter side, since our last name is long.
3. A name that I like when it's shortened, or doesn't have a shorter option. Example: I once knew a kid named Matthew, and we all called him Matt, but his mom would FREAK OUT when she heard it, and would correct us with, "His name is MATTHEW." I will not be that mom.
4. It couldn't sound like a dog name. In my opinion, I think dog owners ruin perfectly good human names. I'm looking at you, Beau and Max.
5. His initials must not spell anything funny. Since our last name begins with V, that could be hard anyway, but giving him two middle names could wind up with PERV or something.
6. I tested every potential name out in various vocal tones: Disciplining, calling out loud, super mad, super happy and just in normal conversation. Also, his middle name had to be added for testing of the "Ohhhh, you're in trouble" tone.
7. I wrote out each potential name to see how it would look on greeting cards, when he writes it, and how it looked with Amanda, Louis and Moxie (woof!).
8. The meaning is somewhat important - although it's really just a bonus.

I think that's it. And, I truthfully only had to get to numbers 3-6 for most names before they were nixed. That left me with that one special name that I knew deep down was it from the very first time I magically flipped to that page in the book in Barnes and Noble. And, the more I said it, I felt my heart do a happy flip. And, I knew I wanted to give him my husband's middle name - Charles, which is also a special family name for me. And, our son's name just aligned perfectly with it.

Now, what about telling people what our son's name is? Well, we told family and close friends. The reaction was happy...because why wouldn't it be? I understand why some parents keep their child's name a secret, but I also knew I was prepared to reply to anyone who had a reaction that was anything less than thrilled. I think all moms should have that in their back pocket. Firm, smart, and sarcastically polite. And, you can always blame the pregnancy hormones if it comes out snippier than you expected.

So, I'm so happy our son has a name, and now - we can refer to him by his name instead of Baby V. Will I share it here? Yes.

But not in this post. Aren't I a stinker?