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Somebody get this guy a muzzle

The other night, I took Moxie out for her final business before bed - which is usually a quick trip in and out, with me in my jammies and also ready for bed. What I'm trying to say is...quick + pajamas = I don't wanna see/talk to anybody. 

As she finished, we began our (very short) walk back inside - and I saw a guy walking his three (one large, two medium-size) dogs. Of course, once the dogs spotted Moxie, they began barking and knocking into each other like idiots. 

"I'm sorry" the guy says while laughing nervously.

"Oh, it's okay - no prob" I reply and smile. And, I mean it. I know there's nothing like your dog(s) embarrassing you and making you look like an incompetent owner. Besides, I totally get the gang mentality of dogs, especially when it's against Moxie. She never falls prey to their crap - never barks back or appears threatened/scared. Instead, she prances by with her quiet little confident nose forward. So, I follow her lead.

As we kept walking back to our house, I noticed one of his medium-sized dogs was planted firm, staring us down and barking hysterically, even as the guy tried to walk the other way. 

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