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Are politics still off-limits?

I don't know where or when I 'learned' that it was impolite to talk about politics, religion and finances at the dinner table. But, I can remember thinking it made sense. Those topics can become argumentative and thus - make someone lose their appetite. Plus, if you're at a dinner party with strangers, you don't know if your views will offend them. So, it's rude.

But, with everything that's going on in the world today - is politics still a topic that people avoid? And if they! If you bring up any topic - health, environment, social justice issues, etc. - all roads lead back to politics these days. And, it seems so awkward to talk about these topics without mentioning the elephant in the room, so you just want to be like, "Go ahead...just say it." Just like that - the 'no politics' rule is out the window.

What did not talking about these topics really ever accomplish, anyway? More small talk? More discussing the weather, TV and tales of the past? Yawn. So, maybe it's time to open up the dialogue over the turkey. Maybe the pepper in the potatoes doesn't have to be the only spice at the table. Besides, we're evolved humans, so shouldn't we be able to digest our food, as well as the differing opinions of others, at the same time?

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