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I look down on women who blog anonymously and I'm not sorry

During the 5+ years I've been a blogger, I have come to realize the most seductive, invoking blog topics are, in no particular order: Pizza, parenting, relationships, pets and music. It's no secret that a blogger knows how to use those topics to boost readership. I once wrote about open relationships and how gross I think they are. It was one of the most - if not the most - read-and-commented-on blog posts I've ever written. And, when I hit the "publish" button, I knew it would be. 

Now, I can't speak for every blogger, but just because a blog topic is known to be a hot one, doesn't mean I've ever changed my views or how I express them. It's always just a nature of the beast for me. And, I have always had my real name and photo out there, proudly taking responsibility and ownership of my posts, opinions, conversations and thoughts - even when I would comment on other blogs. Being anonymous takes a lot of credibility away, in my opinion.

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Christmas wishes

It's like a cliche beauty pageant question: "If you had one wish, what would it be?"

"World peace."

Lately, I've been thinking of asking for things that are next-to-impossible to get for Christmas. And, they're not something you'd have to stand in line at Best Buy for, or anything.

But, if there really was a Santa (don't read this blog post aloud to your kids, OK?) -- I'd ask for the following:

The end of any and all animal abuse. I'm so beyond tired of logging onto Facebook or a news station site and seeing one animal abuse story after another. Aren't you? It breaks my heart to pieces. I don't understand how anyone can be cruel enough to hurt an animal, and I think laws need to be much tougher when it comes to prosecuting these evil people. Animal abuse is a gateway to human violence. So, I wish for it all to end.

No more homelessness. Everyone deserves to know the comforts of a warm home, simple as that.

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