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I don't look good enough to go there

Yesterday, I found myself out of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, which is like magic for my face, and I wanted to get to Sephora as close to opening time as possible, to avoid any crowds/traffic. So, I threw on a baseball (not really - Titleist) cap, JCrew chinos and a white t-shirt. I thought maybe the eye-hiding baseball cap would ward off the "Hi, can I help you with anything" questions that are always said in a slightly pitiful 'Are you makeup illiterate, sweetheart?' tone, as I knew what I needed - and just wanted to get in and out as fast as possible. 

Stepping in to Sephora at 10:45 a.m., I found that almost every woman in Orange County was there. Minus baseball caps. These women looked like they'd been up for hours getting ready for a Sephora trip, while I was decked out in an outfit I reserve for grocery shopping, walking Moxie and running to Home Depot. And apparently quick cosmetics runs.

I navigated my way through the buzzing, blinged-out women getting their eye makeup and eyebrows done, the gigantic displays and huge Louis Vuitton totes blocking a few aisle entryways. Finally, I grabbed what I needed, perused a couple other products nearby, and saw the Sephora uniform - a red and black dress - coming toward me. Gosh. I thought, here comes the "Are you finding everything alriiiiiight?" question. 

Except it wasn't.

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Way too much makeup

You know when you excuse yourself to the restroom while out to dinner, and you wash your hands and check yourself in the mirror to see a piece of spinach between your teeth? And, you wonder, why didn't ____ tell me?!

I hate that.

I always tell someone when something's between their teeth - mostly because I wouldn't be able to stop looking at it, and it makes me gag - but also because I would want them to tell me. 

Back in my learning-to-apply makeup days, my mom always told me when I did a horrible job. She'd be like, "No. That's too much eyeliner, you look possessed." Or, "I can see the foundation line on your jaw - wrong color, honey." And, my good friends and I would offer advice and tips, as well. That's having your girl's back.

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