Way too much makeup

You know when you excuse yourself to the restroom while out to dinner, and you wash your hands and check yourself in the mirror to see a piece of spinach between your teeth? And, you wonder, why didn't ____ tell me?!

I hate that.

I always tell someone when something's between their teeth - mostly because I wouldn't be able to stop looking at it, and it makes me gag - but also because I would want them to tell me. 

Back in my learning-to-apply makeup days, my mom always told me when I did a horrible job. She'd be like, "No. That's too much eyeliner, you look possessed." Or, "I can see the foundation line on your jaw - wrong color, honey." And, my good friends and I would offer advice and tips, as well. That's having your girl's back.

So, that's why I can't believe this girl Kerry on Bravo's The Singles Project doesn't tell her friend Taylor that she is wearing clown makeup. AND AN 80s HAIRBAND. See above photo, obviously.

And, OK - maybe Kerry has given Taylor clues that she needs to tone it down in the blush and lipstick department, and maybe she's even gone so far as to physically gentle-nudge her away from the Wet n Wild section of CVS, but that's just not good enough. Sometimes, an intervention is needed.

I've taken a very scientific poll on whether men like a lot of horrifying makeup on a woman or not. And, my husband says "no." So, the fact that these two women are on a dating show leads me to believe that at least one of them is clueless, and maybe, just maybe - Kerry likes that her friend Taylor is the, let's say...goofy, unfortunately-made-up one. It makes her look better if she's got a member of Clown Alley as her wingwoman. Dating can be a circus, after all.

Maybe Taylor reels 'em in with the ol' "What's this?! A-ha! A beer bottle behind your ear! Here ya go!" trick.

I know, it's mean. But, real friends don't let friends over-apply. Shame on you, Kerry.