Here's how I feel

You should never take a hair stylist recommendation from someone whose hair you do not love.

ALL OF THIS. I don't believe in 'victim-shaming.' But, I do believe in taking responsibility and accepting maybe you didn't take the proper precautions/choices when it came to your nude photos. Whatever happened to Polaroids? You can burn them, and they fade after so many years.

zero facial color.

zero facial color.

The very first second Rosie O'Donnell screams on The View (and really, with Rosie Perez? Talk about annoying voices), I will never watch again. So, I'm betting I'll only get 30 seconds in.

Jordan Knight has never looked healthy. I remember meeting him when I was 8 or 9 years old at a New Kids on the Block concert. So this was like, 1990. He wasn't my favorite (Joey Joey Joey!), but I remember thinking, "Oohh...he doesn't look good", and I refused to go shake his hand. He was pale and skinny and had bags all around his eyes. He's now touring with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and I have already said too much on this topic.

I wish more people used reusable grocery bags. They're so easy and cheap to use. California is actually moving to ban plastic bags. I love California.

i made this.

i made this.

It's always weird to me when a middle-aged person (45-65 y/o) says they're "friends" with a 20-something. I can see "friendly" - or "coworkers" or "neighbor" or "acquaintance" - you know, things you have in common. But, friend? It's just a bit weird, to me. Your glory days are over, babe.

I can't believe I waited so long to have a spinach smoothie. It's incredibly delicious. I added a frozen banana, too. Obsessed.

I still need to see the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie.

It drives me crazy when people use their foot to point to something. I often see people doing this in the grocery store, if there's something on the bottom shelf they want to draw their company's attention to. It looks so lazy - and gross. Like, why do you think other people will want something you just put your dirty shoe on/near? Like it's beneath you. Apparently, social couth is also beneath you.

No one likes a dog that barks incessantly. Correction: No one likes a dog owner who lets their dog bark incessantly.

Wind chimes sound so pretty. I wish everyone had wind chimes.

Everyone's getting wind chimes for Christmas.

Finally - Joan Rivers was pretty darned amazing. She was a comedic genius, the master of humorous self-deprecation, brazen, and hilarious. I feel she said things most of us think, but don't have nearly enough guts to say out loud. 

"Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century." - Joan Rivers