OK, fine - I admit...

...that I play the Kim Kardashian game on my iPhone. I'm an A-list celebrity, and I'm wayyyy busy with photo shoots and club appearances. 

...that I try shoes on in Marshalls without socks/disposable nylons.

...I watch way too much reality television.

...I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie

...I have a bit of a celeb crush on Michael Strahan, and Kelly Ripa's hair.

...I'm a water pressure, shower head snob.

...I don't do it often, but I like to eat standing up. 

...that I've secretly always wanted to be a blonde. 

...with green eyes. 

...I'm turning 33 tomorrow.

...I feel inner rage when I see Halloween costumes in stores too early (like, now).

These are OK, though.

These are OK, though.

...but not Christmas decorations.

...I don't have a green thumb. Nothing is safe, except succulents, and even that remains to be seen. Do I water too much? Not enough? Not at the right times? Ahhhh!

...I researched what vet to take Moxie to more than any doctor for myself. Ever.

...I have slight Trypophobia. I bet if you look at images that freak out people afflicted with The Tryp long enough, you'll think you have it, too. I warned you.

Have a great, hole-less Monday!