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Sun where there 'should' be snow

I'm a Northeast girl - born and raised. So, I am obsessed with all things fall. But, I was actually somewhat OK with a Southern California autumn. After all, it was a new experience. So, I silently dealt with the lack of foliage, nippy air and scarf-clad citizens. Instead, making peace with the warm sunny days, t-shirt weather and palm trees. I forced myself to order a hot pumpkin spice latte - and hated it. Pumpkin coffee does not taste good while sunning by the pool. Just so ya know.

Thanksgiving approached, and it was clear that this 'pesky' sunshine wasn't going away. I realized I certainly wouldn't be gazing out of my living room window at falling snow, or grey cloudy skies this winter. Instead, I found that I'm forced to shuffle down to the beach and take a warm morning walk, or read about Christmas cookie and cocktail recipes in magazines by the pool. On Thanksgiving day, it was 85 degrees, and I had to 'begrudgingly' strip my JCrew cranberry cardigan from my shoulders, and wear just the black tank top underneath. It felt so weird. The turkey had more dressing than me.

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Hello, fall!

So, I'm not the first person to tell you that today is the first day of autumn. Chances are, someone on Facebook or Twitter clued you in, already. Or - maybe you saw today's Google Doodle. 

But, still. Hooray for fall! 

It's 11 a.m. here in Orange County - and it's 73 degrees. The high for today is a sunny 82. There are no leaves changing colors, no real chilly days, and so far, no one around here goes crazy for scarves, boots or anything pumpkin flavored.

It's really weird.

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OK, fine - I admit...

...that I play the Kim Kardashian game on my iPhone. I'm an A-list celebrity, and I'm wayyyy busy with photo shoots and club appearances. 

...that I try shoes on in Marshalls without socks/disposable nylons.

...I watch way too much reality television.

...I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie

...I have a bit of a celeb crush on Michael Strahan, and Kelly Ripa's hair.

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Christmas joys (and annoyances)

The 12 Days of Christmas song. Why is it sooooooo long? I mean, I know why. But, over the many years I've been subjected to this song, I've noticed that if you listen to it from beginning to end while 100% completely sober, by day 6, you're ready to shoot the partridge out of the pear tree. With cocktail,'s just background noise.

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What (I think) your Christmas tree says about you

Today is December 15th. By now, I've seen countless Christmas trees on Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, Instagram, newspaper online galleries, etc. And, instead of just scrolling by without a thought, I've been thinking about what Christmas trees - shape, fullness and ornaments that adorn it - says about the person who owns them.

Let's start with the tree itself. Also, please don't take any of this seriously. Ready? OK.

Round, fat and full. You have a zest for life and a hunger for a challenge. You don't back down when facing adversity, and you possess more than enough energy and positivity to tackle most situations. Others look up to you, and often admire your tenacity when it comes to life in general. You're a riot at a bar, but oddly enough, you're a little lazy in love.

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