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Help a girl out

I have this friend. Let’s call her Jade. Jade has recently started dating David, and things are quickly becoming serious. First, a little background:

Jade is 40, and divorced two years after a 9 year marriage. She’s been dating casually since, but no dates have led to relationships, until now.

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Overheard - and experienced - in the The OC

A little boy in a driveway, bellowing to his dressed-up mother, who is getting in the passenger seat of a sports car: "Mommy...Mommy...I love you!" Mom answers she loves him, too. "Whyyyy do I have to stay with Grandma again? Why can't I go with yooooouuu?!" Mom says nothing, closes the car door, and they drive away. The little boy puts his head down and goes inside. 

"I have someone come to my house to clean my dog's teeth." - Overheard while on a walk.

Me, to Starbucks drive-thru gal: "Grande iced coffee w/ skim, and do you have any plain bagels?" Drive-thru gal: "Lemme check. No, no plain." Me: "Okay, what do you have?" Drive-thru gal: " bagels, or in general?" Me: "...nevermind, just the coffee." I admit, I debated having her read me Starbucks' ENTIRE menu, which was also right in front of me - photos included. 

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Way too much makeup

You know when you excuse yourself to the restroom while out to dinner, and you wash your hands and check yourself in the mirror to see a piece of spinach between your teeth? And, you wonder, why didn't ____ tell me?!

I hate that.

I always tell someone when something's between their teeth - mostly because I wouldn't be able to stop looking at it, and it makes me gag - but also because I would want them to tell me. 

Back in my learning-to-apply makeup days, my mom always told me when I did a horrible job. She'd be like, "No. That's too much eyeliner, you look possessed." Or, "I can see the foundation line on your jaw - wrong color, honey." And, my good friends and I would offer advice and tips, as well. That's having your girl's back.

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