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Dating for the ages

"Here. This is my online dating profile. Feel free to critique it", a neighbor said as she handed me her gigantic smartphone. I was a glass of wine deep and that means I'm feeling very opinionated - and if there's one thing I'm opinionated's dating.

I read through her (a woman in her late 50s who has more energy and style than a 25-year-old) "All About Me" and actually liked it. I told her to consider changing her profile photo to one of just her - and not one of her and her handsome adult son. 

"Men won't click on your profile if there's a 20-something guy with his arm around you. They don't know it's your son. We're in Orange County - it could be your gigolo", I offered.

Cue head nodding and eruption of laughter. And a wine refill. 

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