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I just need to bash the Bachelorette for a sec

So...real quick: The current Bachelorette, Canadian dance instructor, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is really funny. She's the first Bachelorette, in my opinion, that actually has a personality. But, she's also been getting some sort of backlash for apparently being the very first Bachelorette to have sexual relations with one of the many men she's simultaneously dating, before the fantasy suite (I'll get to that in a bit). Backlash, to the point of her having to defend her actions, and admit she's not ashamed of getting intimate with one of her potential suitors - and she's not sure why people are shocked about it, since she's an adult.

Which, I think, is a very immature response.

Here's why.

So, Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette - and she's on this TV show for the purpose of finding her husband. The process calls for her to date and be in relationships with multiple men at once, in order to get to know them, and learn about them, and have them learn about her, and spend time together doing the same exact things that "normal people" do - with the occasional silly competition between the guys, and of course - the cameras taking it all in for national television. Kaitlyn herself has even said she's "in a relationship" with these guys. So, sleeping with one - and not all - is being unfaithful, no? AND DOING IT ON TELEVISION.

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