I just need to bash the Bachelorette for a sec

So...real quick: The current Bachelorette, Canadian dance instructor, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is really funny. She's the first Bachelorette, in my opinion, that actually has a personality. But, she's also been getting some sort of backlash for apparently being the very first Bachelorette to have sexual relations with one of the many men she's simultaneously dating, before the fantasy suite (I'll get to that in a bit). Backlash, to the point of her having to defend her actions, and admit she's not ashamed of getting intimate with one of her potential suitors - and she's not sure why people are shocked about it, since she's an adult.

Which, I think, is a very immature response.

Here's why.

So, Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette - and she's on this TV show for the purpose of finding her husband. The process calls for her to date and be in relationships with multiple men at once, in order to get to know them, and learn about them, and have them learn about her, and spend time together doing the same exact things that "normal people" do - with the occasional silly competition between the guys, and of course - traveling the world and having cameras take it all in for national television. Kaitlyn herself has even said she's "in a relationship" with these guys. So, sleeping with one - and not all - is being unfaithful, no? AND DOING IT ON TELEVISION.

The morning after sleeping with Nick Viall (SN: I cannot help but wonder whyyyy Nick, out of all those guys? He looks 12, and publicly announced sleeping with a former Bachelorette on TV!), Kaitlyn leaned over a balcony and sobbed her regret into her oversized sweater. She lowered her just-had-sex top bun into her arms and exclaimed, "What have I done?" while Nick did the walk of shame back to the guys' house, without Kaitlyn even giving him so much as a room service muffin for the road. So, if Kaitlyn is so strong in defending her romp with Nick, why did she immediately express regret right after it? Own it. I'm all for a woman being comfortable with her sexual nature - but I'm not down with wishy-washiness. 

Before you go saying there's a double standard because if a Bachelor got intimate with a woman before the fantasy suites (which is apparently the more acceptable time a Bachelor/Bachelorette can get down and dirty), no one would care as much - I say you're wrong. There are rules to this ridiculous show, people. The fantasy suite is for the purpose of choosing to take that "next intimate step" with someone you've come to learn about, have feelings for, and think they could potentially be a spouse. Because, let's face it - while Kaitlyn has sucked face with almost every single guy on the show - that's expected - taking things off-camera to a bed with one of the guys before getting to that fantasy suite point is just shady. Speaking of shady...

If Kaitlyn feels so deserved and justified in sexy time merely because she's an adult - why wouldn't she just be honest with the guys, and let them know what happened, instead of giving cryptic clues to her guilt and allowing the guys to console her because they think the reason she's crying is because she's having a hard time dating 5 guys. Sickening. I mean, if she truly feels like it's no big deal, and that she is an adult and able to make her own decisions about intimacy - why not just put it all out there for the guys to decide for themselves? Wouldn't that be a good way to weed out the guys that may not be good for her? I mean, at this point, all she has left is the chance that one of them is a guy who's OK with being her sloppy seconds. 

Or Nick.

But why would he buy the cow, now?