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What California has taught me (so far)

To chill out. In every aspect of life, really. I have learned to speak more slowly, not fuss about small things, and not try to multitask with everything

Not to worry about trying to fit a week's worth of outdoor activities in a day just because it's 80 degrees and sunny. Because, every day is pretty much like that, so it's okay if the day mostly consists of a late waking up, brunch, and then watching movies in pajamas and three iced coffees in a row, followed by an hour at the pool. In fact, that is more than okay.

That my hair doesn't always have to be perfect. I live by the beach, after all. Especially since I'm growing it long again, I like letting it just be wavy.

I also wear zero foundation/cover up on my skin, instead dusting a little bronzer on my cheeks. I also wear SPF every single day. Because, even in the car, the sun is shining on me. 

That Jack Johnson's music finally makes sense, now.

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I used to let the water run while brushing my teeth.

I'm ashamed of that, and I don't do it anymore.

Moving from Upstate NY to Chicago wasn't as different than moving from Chicago to Southern California. There is plenty of sunshine...and we're in a drought.

Before we planted our feet in CA, I knew we'd have to make some changes. Shorter showers (ugh, no more daydreaming/singing), not letting the water run during teeth brushing and dish washing - and I stopped washing my hands altogether.

Joking. But, this isn't funny. It's devastating to farmers, and that impacts all of us. Fact: California supplies more than half of the US's fruits, vegetables and nuts - and is the TOP dairy producer. Cows and goats eat grass; grass needs water. 

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