I used to let the water run while brushing my teeth.

I'm ashamed of that, and I don't do it anymore.

Moving from Upstate NY to Chicago wasn't as different than moving from Chicago to Southern California. There is plenty of sunshine...and we're in a drought.

Before we planted our feet in CA, I knew we'd have to make some changes. Shorter showers (ugh, no more daydreaming/singing), not letting the water run during teeth brushing and dish washing - and I stopped washing my hands altogether.

Joking. But, this isn't funny. It's devastating to farmers, and that impacts all of us. Fact: California supplies more than half of the US's fruits, vegetables and nuts - and is the TOP dairy producer. Cows and goats eat grass; grass needs water. 

Scary, right?

Scary, right?

I pay so much attention to the news on the drought that I became slightly obsessed with it. So far, I jumped and internally freaked out the first time I heard our neighborhood sprinklers come on at 9 p.m., did the two-fingers-to-eyes 'I'm watching you' hand gesture to a bartender who walked away from a running faucet, asked our landlord to repair a small leak in our water heater and had an out-loud conniption fit while passing a baseball field in Irvine that was getting copious amounts of water from its sprinklers.

I won't bore you with California politics surrounding proposed water plans, but I hope this lil' post makes you think twice while brushing your teeth, wherever you are.

Turn the water off and floss in silence.