I don't understand resolutions, but I play along

I don't know why everyone's always alllll about new year's resolutions. New years resolutions remind me of fad diets - they never work unless you actually vow to make a lasting change in your lifestyle.


But, I still play along because I don't like feeling left out.

I happened to think of a new year's resolution blog post for the Albany Times Union I wrote back in 2011, and that the TU thought was soooo amazing, they published it in print. Modesty was never on my resolution list. However, below are the resolutions I vowed two years ago, accompanied by my brutally honest updates on whether I've kept them to this day:

I will laugh more, if that’s possible. Update: I believe I've laughed the same amount, but I don't know. Perhaps if there were an actual laughter meter, it would prove that I have kept this resolution. I'd like to think I have.

I’ll dance more, even if I already never hesitate to tap dance down a supermarket aisle. Update: I have absolutely kept this resolution. I just broke into a little dance while comparing pickles the other day, because the supermarket was playing Katy Perry.

I will volunteer more time and make a bigger difference in my community, state, country, world. Update: Sadly, I don't really feel as though I've kept this, aside from the donations to charities I support. I resolve to lend more of myself to make a difference in my (new) community.

I’ll be louder with giving thanks and being grateful. Update: I feel I've sort of kept this one. I've definitely expressed myself to my family and friends in-person and in writing just how much I appreciate and love them.


I refuse to be lazy or apathetic about anythingUpdate: Sooo did not keep this. I'm still a bit of a procrastinator.

I’ll visit museums more and take more road trips. Update: Moving to a new state offers new museums. Kept it.

Cooking will become more of a way of life instead of a weekend hobby. Update: HAHAHAHA. Nope.

Big changes will happen. Update: Helloooo engagement and moving to Chicago. Kept this x10000000.

Exercise will be a vehicle for mostly feeling and being healthy, instead of just keeping my thighs from touchingUpdate: Sort of true, but I did falter a bit in this department. That's normal for me, though - I'll never be a CrossFit Queen or anything.

More vacations will be taken. Update: Yes. Most definitely kept this one. Jersey Shore for a week, Bahamas and basically an entire Chicago summer.

I’ll go to church more. Update: Kept, with the exception of needing to find a church here. 

My inner child will be embraced more often, and I will take some things less seriously. Update: Um, see the bit about procrastination above. Kept it.

my real-life sneakers

my real-life sneakers

I’ll sing in front of someone for real, instead of using a funny, contrived, character-esque voice, even if just the thought of that makes my stomach flip. Update: Lou has heard me...and we 'performed' a quick song for my mom when she came to visit us this past summer. She cried. I hope because it sounded good.

I’ll continue my recent habit of watching little-to-no TV. Update: I can't believe I even said such a thing. I sooo did not keep this, it's not even funny. What can I say? I love Bravo.

An investment in sneakers will (finally) be made — preferably without laces, despite your groaning protestsUpdate: Kept and embraced it. I vow to not become a total Midwesterner, though. Heels are always in the front of my closet.

I’ll stop second-guessing myself so much. Update: I think I kept this. Wait, did I? I'm not sure. I think so, but I can't be certain. 

More happy tears will fall down my cheeks. Update: Totally kept this. I have so much to be happy about and thankful for, that I would need your attention for the rest of my life in order to convey it all. 

But, you have better things to do. 

Happy New Year to you!