Woman Crush Wednesday. I hardly ever participate in this, but it's appropriate and timely. 

Chrissy Teigen is hilarious. You know this if you follow her on Instagram. She's married to John Legend. She's a Sports Illustrated model. She's unfairly gorgeous and has pretty cool taste in clothes. She loves her dogs and they take up her Instagram feed, as well as food she makes herself at home and blogs about

And she's a total sassypants when it comes to online bullies:

And, if you follow her on Twitter, you probably already know she tweeted her admission of margarita drunkenness yesterday while she was getting ready to throw the first pitch of the LA Dodgers game. AND THE PITCH WAS PERFECT.

I appreciate, and relate to a woman who has to have many cocktails just to get through a baseball game.

Tequila Girl power.