It's a concert, not Halloween

I'm a big country music lover. I'm a huge Miranda Lambert fan, and have been for years - even when I wasn't into other country music artists. 

So, I've been to three Miranda shows in the past year and a half. One in Albany, NY - then in Chicago last summer, and just last night in Irvine, CA. If you've been to a country music concert, you know there's a lot of beer, ripped denim, boots, hats

I also saw lot of these shorts. Hated it.

But, the weird thing about these country concert outfits is that it feels a lot like Halloween - with people dressing how you know they don't dress normally in life. Girls in super short cutoff and ripped shorts or denim dresses with cowgirl boots and hats and turquoise jewelry. Guys in tight jeans, ripped t-shirts/tanks/plaid shirts and cowboy boots and hats - and belts with huge buckles.

I mean, I like some rap music - but I wouldn't go to a rap concert in an oversize t-shirt and big gold chains. 

It's kind of like a mockery, really. I know it's not that serious, but it does seem silly to me.

Like wearing a fedora at the airport. What's that all about?